Bailey to speak at AI-Capital Markets Conference in NYC

David H. Bailey will join other speakers at the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: Capital Markets conference, to be held 6-7 December 2017 at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), One Bowling Green, New York City.

According to the conference website,

Complex mathematical modelling has always been part of the data-driven financial world, but today professional money managers are exploring a new range of techniques including machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. They have also become familiar with the relatively new discipline of data science – really an intersection of software engineering, statistical modelling, research analytics, data mining and data warehousing. …

This forthcoming event in New York will likewise bring together the best minds in quantitative finance and data science to discuss how advanced computing, when applied to vast and varied datasets, can help predict the price of financial instruments.

This will involve an exploration of new and exciting data sources currently being swooped upon by hedge funds and asset managers seeking an alpha edge. … Portfolio management enhancements and risk management using machine learning will also be discussed, as will the regulatory response to algorithms that adapt to changes in market conditions; building trust in the industry and wider public, rather than the putative ‘black box’.

If you are unable to attend, the viewgraphs for Bailey’s talk are available HERE.

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